What is this website can do for me?

Our website is packed with great contents about relationship and dating tips for people who are looking for love. We also do matchmaking services backed by science through the help of our experts.

Is there a fee when I sign up for your matchmaking services?

Creating your profile with Knakezooi.nl is free. But we also accept donations to help us with the maintenance of this site to further benefit our members.

I had a bad experience with online dating before. How is Knakezooi.nl different?

There are things that are beyond our control. However, we review thoroughly the profiles being created in our platform and never allow scammers to dominate our website. The best way to cope up with that experience is to be careful and follow our tips for dating.

I can’t create my profile with you. Why is that?

If you can’t successfully create a profile, it means that you have missed some important information we need to analyze the authenticity of your account. However, if you think that this is a system issue, please contact us by email.

Is online dating safe?

We cannot guarantee the safety of online dating though there are many successful intimate relationships formed through it. Always remember to protect yourself and give the stranger time to earn your trust. Never send money when you are being asked to.

Do you conduct consultation for people who need to cope up with bad relationships?

As of the moment, we haven’t ventured that area yet. But we may have those offerings once we have prepared our materials and resources needed. Kindly stand by and wait for updates.