Common Online Dating Mistakes for Guys


Online dating might sound too artificial for people who are looking for love. But it is practical and also an easy way to meet someone. However, many people fall into the mistakes of online dating which results in unpleasant endings. It’s true that not all people you meet all online is meant for you, that you have to try and try until you meet the one. But at least do it carefully without hurting or offending someone.

Being Too Fast

The getting-to-know phase is really important. It requires time and patience. It’s important that you enjoy this phase. Rushing someone to have a relationship with you won’t cut it. Give them time to fully get to know you. When that person is ready to meet you personally, take her to Amsterdam top sightseeing and enjoy wonderful conversation. Don’t take her somewhere uncomfortable like cheap night Amsterdam. That might give her a wrong impression that you are just after a one night stand.

Showing Offdating

Dating is not about showing off. Ladies like guys who are stable yet remain down to earth. It’s okay to be grand in terms of clothing, car, and achievements but you don’t have to emphasize them. But rather, emphasize your good character and beautiful upbringing. Show her that you are a man of your word and that you are committed to a long lasting relationship. Showing off is such a turn off for most women. Don’t expect a woman to pick up your call when all you did during your date is talk about yourself.

Judging Based on Appearance

It’s normal for guys to be physically oriented when it comes to dating. They would rather date hot girls. But rules of dating states that judging based on appearance could be a big mistake. When you love someone, physical might be a factor but it should never be the sole basis of your judgement. In the end, lust and physical appearance fade but the soul never die. Choose someone who has a beautiful soul above someone who has a beautiful appearance.